Getting Started In 5 Easy Steps

Welcome To Quizbreaker, Get Started In 5 Easy Steps! 

1.  You and Your Team Answer Fun Icebreaker Questions

- You and your teammates will be prompted to answer at least 3 icebreaker questions to begin the quiz. 

Answer Icebreakers

2. Schedule Your Team's Quiz

- Go to Edit Quiz Schedule on your dashboard and you can set your quiz schedule preferences. Customize when and how often quizzes are sent out to your team.

3. Invite Team Members

- Invite team members by going into the Team Members page. Add their email or send them a unique invite link to your team. 

- You need to have at least 3 players added to your team, and they each need to answer 3 icebreakers for the quizzes to begin. 

4. Start Playing! 

-The quizzes are sent via email or launched from the main page of your dashboard.

- In a quiz, players have to ‘guess’ who said what. For example: 

5. Let The Team Building and Competition Begin

- Get to know your team in an easy and fun way, while having a friendly competition through the Leaderboard

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