How QuizBreaker Billing & Pricing Works

Quizbreaker gives you access to a host of features that will build your team engagement and connection. Some features include:

  • Automated team building quizzes
  • Live multiplayer games like trivia games and escape rooms
  • Workstyle preferences and psychometric and personality tests
  • Team pulse feedback surveys
  • And more!

You get access to all of that for only $588 for as many team members as possible. We also have an annual plan that's $49 a month billed annually (or $588 a year).

Note: This is a new pricing plan. If you're still on the old plan, you can reach out to our support team and we can transition you to this new pricing.

What’s Included in a Paid Plan?

After you’ve signed up, you’ll instantly get unlimited access to quiz and testing features that will engage your team, including:

  • Asynchronous Icebreaker Quizzes
  • A Work Style dashboard to know your employees’ preferences and personalities a little bit more
  • A Personality Test aggregator to maximize your team’s strengths and profiles.
  • A Pulse Survey Testing system to check on your team’s mood and engagement levels.
  • A Trivia Game system to engage teams by playing trivia games together.
  • Bonus: A set of Online Escape Room Games you can play with your team.

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