How to Create a Team Pulse Survey

Pulse surveys are a great way to check the engagement levels and mood of your team regularly. Here’s how you can set up a Pulse Survey for your team on Quizbreaker:

  1. Head over to Settings under the Pulse Survey tab on your dashboard.

  1. Create a name for your Pulse Survey. Hit save to register the new name.

  1. Set the schedule that you want your pulse survey to go out. You’ll need to select:
  • The day you want your team to receive the pulse survey.
  • The time you want the quiz to go out.
  • Your timezone of choice.
  • How often you want the pulse survey to go out (weekly, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks).
  • How long the survey will be open.
  • When you want to remind people to answer the survey.

  1. Select the users you want the survey to go out to.
  2. Customize or add questions as you see fit. If you want them to leave comments, turn on the the “Comments” toggle. Feel free to add, remove, or use any of our set questions.

And that’s it! When you follow all the steps above, your pulse survey should start going out to your team.

Check your team mood analytics as often as you can to see if your team is engaged or not. Seek different ways to engage them more or boost morale.

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