Getting Started In 5 Easy Steps

Welcome To Quizbreaker, Get Started In 5 Easy Steps!

1.  You and Your Team Answer Fun Icebreaker Questions

You and your teammates will be prompted to answer at least 3 icebreaker questions to begin the quiz.

2. Fill in Your Working Style Preferences

Have your team go to Work Style and answer the questions so you know a little bit more about them.

3. Invite Your Team to Take Personality Tests

Take one of the three most popular personality tests and udnerstand your team members’ strengths, personalities, and traits better.

  • Invite team members by going into the Team Members page. Add their email or send them a unique invite link to your team.
  • You need to have at least 3 players added to your team, and they each need to answer 3 icebreakers for the quizzes to begin.

4. Play Trivia Games or Escape Games!

Challenge your work mates to some trivia or escape room games online. This will make the workplace more fun and competitive.

5. Let The Team Building and Competition Begin

  • Get to know your team in an easy and fun way, while having a friendly competition through the Leaderboard.

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